We believe the world is evolving to 100% green energy production

We believe the world is evolving to 100% green energy production

Enervalis is a software company Stefan Lodeweyckx started in 2013. With his background in engineering in the Electronics- and Telecommunication industry, Stefan was involved in the Internet of Things (IOT) from the start.

From the beginning on, he believed that IOT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) through self-learning algorithms, would be the answer to the mass adoption of “green” consumption in the energy marketplace. After 4 years of hard work, his “Internet of Energy” called the Smartpower Suite® is the backbone to multiple Smart Microgrids. In 2017 the Smartpower Suite® enabled and optimized already several of hundred buildings and a couple of thousand Electric Vehicle (EV) charge stations to maximize green charging.

That is why we at Enervalis believe that the world is evolving to a 100% green energy production. More than 75% of our staff are highly skilled international energy experts building an energy-efficiënt and healthier world. Together with our customers, partners and shareholders, we from Enervalis enable a 100% green energy society.

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer: Alfons Goos,
40 years in creating innovation in the high-tech industry

Technical Director: Niels Vanspauwen,
20 years in managing teams building innovative Software solutions

Chief Financial Officer: Peter Roose,
25 years supporting the business in Finance, Accounting and M&A

Board of directors

Alfons Goos: ABB
Alexandre Torreele: Elia
Cees Geel: Inno Energy
Ludo Kelchtermans: Nuhma
Roeland Engelen: LRM
Malin Carlstrom: ABB

External Shareholders

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