Be part of
our green story!

Be part of
our green story!

Social Housing Corporation

As a housing coorporation, your job is to secure affordable and comfortable housing facilities for tenants who dispose of limited income.

Historically, these housing facilities don’t have a best-in-class energy efficiency which results in high energy bills which offsets the lower rental fee. Complying with the climate goals, leading to a zero emission building stock by 2050 represents therefore a huge challenge for you.

Through our Smartpower Suite®, we optimize energy efficiency of electrical assets, improve self-consumption of rooftop solar generation and deliver additional grid related services all while improving the comfort level for the tenants.

Enervalis has extensive experience working together with construction companies and housing coorporations to deliver all-electric net-zero deep renovation concepts through an energy as a service business model in which upfront investment costs are eliminated for you, resulting in energy and monetary savings as from day one.

As an example in the Dutch market, the Smartpower Suite of Enervalis gives you the housing corporation, construction company or consumer the right insight into the energy performance of the individual home.

Our SaaS based platform offers you the possibility to collect all necessary data to make up the Energy Performance Certificate (EPV in Dutch). Furthermore, the base component of the Smartpower Suite is build to deliver the required monitoring and reporting of a “Zero emission House” (called NOM), or for almost zero-energy homes (called BENG).


  • Suitable for applying EPV legislation and other performance guarantees.
  • Easy to use due to the intuitive design.
  • Complies with all personal data protection laws.
  • Full management platform with reporting module.
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